Dog Vaccinations… Your questions answered

Whilst carrying out our home visit vaccination service for Dogs in Doncaster we are often asked a lot of questions. So we thought we’d answer them here…

Vaccination is the best way to protect your dog from preventable diseases. Most of these diseases are caused by viruses, and unfortunately, there is no direct treatment for most viruses that affect dogs today.

Some of the diseases mentioned below are treatable with supportive medication, but others can be fatal. Vets in Doncaster frequently see unvaccinated puppies with diseases, such as parvovirus, which can cause serious illnesses in dogs of all ages. Illness through parvo virus and many other diseases can be prevented, or the clinical signs minimised, by a simple vaccination.

Disease that we can protect against :

  • Parvo virus : a sickness and diarrhoea virus, after the initial course required every 3 years
  • Canine distemper : can cause seizures and also sickness and diarrhoea. After the initial course required every 3 years
  • Leptospirosis : kidney infection and fever. After the initial course it is required every year
  • Canine hepatitis : liver disease , kidneys and eye disease and fever. After the initial course it is required every 3 years.
  • Kennel cough : usually non fatal upper respiratory tract infection. Required annually.
  • Rabies vaccination : required for travel abroad. Usually given every 1-3 years.

What is titre testing?

Titre testing is a blood test that can check the immunity of your dog against certain diseases that they have had vaccines for in the past. If you are concerned about over vaccinating your dog or your dog has an illness or an allergy.  this is an option to determine the antibody status so you can make more of an informed decision about the vaccination that is required.

Titre tests are offered for parvo virus, canine distemper and infectious hepatitis. Your dog will still need the leptospirosis booster annually.


How can CalmPawz help vaccinate your dog?

Rebecca @Calmpawz will help you understand the requirements for your puppy or dog and help you personalise a vaccination/preventative health programme.

You can find out more about our vaccination service here.

If you live in Doncaster or the surrounding South Yorkshire/West Yorkshire region then a home visit can be arranged.

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