Pet travel consultation

Our mobile vet can advise on the necessary paperwork and vaccinate your beloved pet at home in Doncaster before their holiday.

Gone are the days when pet travel required a simple passport. Now, your pet needs to visit the vet for new certificates of travel for each trip and can often require Rabies vaccinations, blood tests and anti parasitic treatments before travel – all of which need to be completed by a vet to a pre-defined schedule.

Thankfully, as an experienced Official Veterinarian (OV) for pets, I’m able to advise on the necessary paperwork, as well as get your pet the vaccinations they need before their annual holiday. If you’re considering a trip, it’s best to get in touch as soon as possible to ensure we have enough time to complete the required steps for stress-free pet travel!

CalmPawz carrying out a home visit Pet travel consultation in Doncaster on a dog and a cat

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