Pet Euthanasia at Home in Doncaster

Your pets passing can be pain-free, stress-free and in familiar surroundings with home Euthanasia and End of Life Care in Doncaster.

When it comes to time to say goodbye, as both a mobile vet and a pet owner myself, I know as well as anybody that making that decision can be near-impossible. That is why I started CalmPawz, to guide you through this experience in a compassionate and straightforward way.

My name is Rebecca and I qualified as a vet in 1995.  Working with animals throughout my career in numerous vets’ surgeries made me realise how the final moments of our furry family members is more peaceful when carried out in their own home. My service offers the opportunity for your pet to be less stressed being seen in their own loving environment. A pets end of life is obviously a very distressing time for a family, so it gives you the opportunity to say goodbye without having to visit a vet’s surgery, surrounded by strangers and their pets.

Further to my extensive career with animals, I have also completed the Euthanasia Master Program which demonstrates my commitment to euthanasia best practices. You can have peace of mind knowing your beloved pet is getting the best care possible. Don’t take my word for it – take a look at some of my reviews.

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Book an End-of-life Care Consultation for your pet

An end-of-life consultation means we can discuss your pet, and I’ll support you in your decision making. Whether you decide to say goodbye there and then, book a visit for a week’s time, or try a new treatment option, I’ll be by your side for advice and support.

During the consultation the following things will happen:

  • I will review your pet’s current condition, symptoms, medication and care plan
  • I’ll perform a gentle physical examination
  • We will discuss your pets quality of life
  • I’ll offer my guidance on ‘the right time’ for your pet
  • Discuss palliative care options so that your pet can be kept as pain free as possible
  • Discuss what to do in a crisis should an emergency situation with your pet arises

This consultation should help with your decision-making process and determine the most appropriate steps forward for your pet and you.

If you are worried about your pets health or quality of life:

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What to expect with Home Euthanasia

When that time does sadly come, you can breathe easier knowing that your pet’s passing will be pain-free, stress-free, and in familiar surroundings. I don’t have set working hours – we’ll arrange an appointment to suit you.

A typical home euthanasia will include:

  • I will arrive at a scheduled time and greet your pet and it’s family
  • I will discuss the euthanasia process in full and assess if your pet requires a consultation beforehand (if one has not been done by me recently). If your pet is in crisis or an emergency situation, their welfare will take priority
  • I will obtain your consent for the euthanasia of your pet
  • Your pet will be sedated
  • I will euthanise your pet in your chosen special place when you and your family are ready
  • I can assist with after-care arrangements or guide you on handling this yourselves

How much does pet Home Euthanasia cost?

The cost for a dignified home euthanasia is £265 using CalmPawz and it usually takes an hour.

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What pets do we euthanise at home in Doncaster?

Dog Euthanasia at home

I’m here in you and your dog’s time of need. For many dog owners, putting their beloved dog to sleep in their bed or their favourite spot on the sofa, surrounded by their favourite toys or blankets and, of course their family is the ideal way to say goodbye. If you are considering home euthanasia for your dog in Doncaster please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Cat Euthanasia at home

I care for many cats throughout Doncaster. Sadly, a natural part of this care is also their end-of-life. Cats more so than dogs can be difficult to get the vets, from the process of getting them into the carrier, transporting them to the vets, navigating the waiting room and enduring the examination – it’s all stress both you and your cat don’t need especially if you believe they may be at the end of their life. Due to normal cat behaviour, a change of routine, leaving their territory, different smells and being restrained makes for a very anxious and unpleasant experience. If you are considering home euthanasia for your cat in Doncaster please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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What happens after home euthanasia?

If you need me to take care of your pet’s remains, I can arrange cremation on your behalf. I ensure this process is as straightforward and respectful as possible. Should you have any special wishes for your pet, I will be glad to hear them and try to help where possible. Alternatively, you are welcome to organise cremation yourself or carry out a home burial should you have permission.

Pet Home Euthanasia FAQs

I’ve answered some of the common questions below that I get asked about pet euthanasia at home. The answers are applicable for both dogs and cats.

  • Will I be pressured into euthanising my pet?

    Absolutely not, I fully understand the magnitude of this decision and it must be right for you and your beloved pet. I will offer guidance and support but never pressure you into a decision.

  • Do you offer emergency appointments?

    Dependent on my prior commitments, I try to be as flexible as possible in emergency situations.

  • Can children be present?

    This is completely up to you as parents / guardians of children. If a child wants to be present then allow them the choice. Older children may want some time afterwards with the deceased pet so they can express their emotions privately.

  • Will my pet feel any pain?

    Your pet will not feel any anxiety or pain during the euthanising process.

  • Can my pet eat and drink normally before euthanasia?

    Yes, you may still feed your pet as usual as long as they are tolerating food.


  • Will my pet be stressed by your presence?

    In many cases, we find that many of the pets we treat do not even notice our Mobile Vet is present. Rebeca’s calm nature and natural ability does help to put any animal at ease.

  • What do you inject into my pet?

    It’s a two step process with the first injection being a sedative. The second injection is a barbiturate which is usually a yellow or blue injection, This is given into the leg and works as an overdose of an aesthetic and is painless and works quickly.

  • How long does the euthanasia take?

    The sedative can take between 5-20 minutes to work, The final injection takes a few minutes.

Contact Calm Pawz

If you think your pet may be at their end of life and would like to avoid the stresses of visiting a vet in Doncaster, please contact me. I’m here to help you through the uncertainness of pet euthanasia in a compassionate and straightforward way. Don’t hesitate to give me call if it’s an emergency or fill out the contact form about your dog or cat and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mobile Vet in Doncaster

We are known as one of the leading mobile vets in Doncaster, providing essential care to pets in the comfort of their own home. We’re here for your cat or dog at every stage of its life, from routine vaccinations to pet travel paperwork and vaccinations to post-surgical care and senior checks. We also specialise in palliative care and home euthanasia and end of life care, making a very difficult time as stress free and supported as possible.

As a qualified mobile vet, I have a wealth of experience with pets in Doncaster, and I’m constantly updating my knowledge, meaning your pet is in very safe hands.

Coping with the loss of pets

You may find these resources helpful when planning for the loss of your pets or in the time after.

Pet Bereavement Support Service offers local help and a sympathetic ear for recently bereaved pet owners. You can telephone them on 0800 0966606

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement offer excellent support:

UK-based charity, Animal Samaritans offers help and advice for anyone dealing with the grief of losing a beloved pet. visit or call 0203 745 9859.


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