Senior Pet Checks and Care

Senior Pet Checks by a mobile vet in Doncaster

CalmPawz can make those essential checks for your senior pets a lot easier with our at home Senior Pet Checks service in Doncaster.

As your pet gets older, the chances of them getting a disease increase. Whether it’s heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, or a combination of several things, it’s likely you’ll be needing to see a vet more often once your dog or cat reaches their senior years. Unfortunately, senior pets are often set in their ways, and can become quite upset after a vet visit. In some cases, arthritis means it’s very difficult to get your pet to the vets, especially when they’re a large dog.

Whatever the reason, home visits from CalmPawz will make those essential checks for your senior pets a lot easier. I love meeting the ‘golden oldies’ and have a special interest in holistic treatment so can offer a wide range of options for your senior pet.

A senior dog in Doncaster having a home visit health check and care from CalmPawz

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