Understanding Euthanasia

When making the difficult decision to say goodbye it helps to prepare yourself by understanding the process and the emotions that are connected at this sad time.

I’ve helped many families in Doncaster with the loss of their pet and the common emotion along with deep sadness and loss is guilt. These pet parents have nothing to feel guilty about. Letting a loved pet go is a final unselfish act that alleviates suffering. Only a family that has loved with a pet can understand and make the time right for the pet and themselves. I set up the home visit service especially to be able to carry this out where families and the pet feel more comfortable and private and don’t feel rushed or adding more strain.

So i’m here to talk you through the unfamiliar, unknown and manage your expectations.

My thoughts on what I’ve seen that work well for pets and owners:


  1. Having time together as a familySome families like to go to the beach or favourite park. Take photos of a happy moment when you are all more relaxed.Let them enjoy the foods that they don’t normally have. I gave my my old dog a whole packet of hob nobs which went down very well.
  2. Think about where and who would you like to be present and if you involve any children 

    There’s resources on how children handle grief and how to help that I’ll write about, simple wording, showing emotion and honesty are all important.https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-loss-support-children-missing-my-friend

    The setting is where you feel comfortable, whether that is in the garden, on the sofa or in your arms. The decision should always be your choice.

  3. Understanding what will happenHaving a conversation with your vet about the process can help as at time you will be nervous; you will want to comfort your pet so having check points will help you be calm which in turn will relax your beloved pet.

    I like to give a medication which will sedate and relax the pet before the final injection is given. This can make the process much smoother.

    Understanding what will happen afterwards can be explained prior so the passing of urine, the few big breaths are not as worrying.

  4. Taking the time that you needI like to tell my clients that they can ask questions or just focus on their pet, which ever they feel comfortable with.

    Some clients like to have time before or while the pet is sedated, others like to spend time after they have passed.

  5. Final arrangementsHave a conversation with your vet and your family and work out whether you would like the old memories of photographs and possible hair clippings/paw prints or if you would like the ashes back to bury/keep or scatter someplace special.

    There are many options that you can choose.

I hope that you have found these points useful.


Would you like to discuss our Home Euthanasia and End of Life Care Service in Doncaster?

Your cat or dogs passing can be pain-free, stress-free and in familiar surroundings with Pet Home Euthanasia and End of Life Care in Doncaster.

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