Travelling abroad with your pet

Although holidays are so looked forward to, leaving part of your family at home sometimes feels wrong when they could be having fun with you and exploring new places.

Taking your dog or cat abroad isn’t as difficult as you might think so this could be an option for you. Understanding the country’s entry requirements and considering the different requirements your pet will need to adapt to a different country all need to be thought through in advance. An Official Veterinary surgeon ( OV ), that has the export certification, can help advise you as well as the government website:


Travelling to the EU or Northern Ireland your pet

Travelling to the EU or Northern Ireland your pet will need;

  • A microchip
  • A Rabies vaccination, done at least 21 days before travel
  • An Animal Health certificate, or a valid pet passport that’s accepted by the country that you are travelling to
  • A tapeworm treatment if you are travelling directly to Finland, Ireland, Norway or Malta


Animal Health Certificates

Pet passports can no longer be used if they were issued in Great Britain. Pet passport issued  from other countries still may not be valid for the country of entry if the pet has been in GB, in which case they will require an Animal Health Certificate.

Each country travelling to will require a Health certificate, valid for 4 months. A new Health certificate is required for each new journey to the EU.

On arrival in an EU country or northern Ireland you’ll need to go through a travellers’ point of entry and show the paperwork.

On entry back to the UK a vet will be required to check your pet and sign the UK entry page , dogs will require a tapeworm treatment within 120 hours before entry to the UK.


Pet Travel Consultations

Are you planning a trip abroad? Our mobile vet can advise on the necessary paperwork and vaccinate your beloved pet at home in Doncaster or surrounding South Yorkshire before their holiday. Find out more about our pet travel consultations.


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