Titre Test for Dogs

A titre test is a blood test which measures the antibody levels to various disease in your dog.

What is a titre test?

If they have adequate antibody levels present, then this is proof of immunity and shows that they do not need a booster vaccination.

I prefer this as some dogs respond better to vaccinations than others dependent on age, illness, and also breeds. So this way we know if an immune response has been stimulated.

What diseases are we testing for with a titre test?

Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatits -more can be read on these diseases in our blog on vaccination.

We cannot test for Leptospirosis so this would be discussed dependent on risk factors for your dog.


When Should I do a Titre Test?

Titre tests can be done from 16 weeks of age to see if your puppy has responded to the vaccinations. However most people decide to wait until just before the second booster is due at 2 years of age.

Annual testing is advised or a month after the vaccination. Cases can be discussed individually as to best timings.

A certificate is produced with your dogs results.

Some kennels now accept this rather than proof of vaccination status.

Why are we recommending Titre tests?

Titre tests are performed to help avoid over-vaccination of your pet.

Vaccinations have been given for many years to millions of pets without a concern and are very safe but when a reaction happens it may be short term but could also have long term affects which are devastating.

At each vaccination, there is always a risk of a vaccine reaction, either immediately, or delayed. There are also various immune mediated diseases that have been linked with vaccination, with evidence suggesting the vaccine can act as a trigger for the disease process. These include immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, immune mediated thrombocytopaenia & immune mediated skin diseases.


Titre Testing for Dogs in Doncaster

CalmPawz carries out at home Titre tests for dogs in Doncaster and surrounding South Yorkshire areas. A trip to a vets practise might seem like a lot of stress for this on both you and your pet especially if you have more than one pet or your pet dislikes travel or other animals. That is why our home visit service carried out by a registered mobile vet is perfect for keeping your beloved dog happy and healthy and may reduce the risk of catching other diseases. You can find out more about our vaccinations service here.

If you’d like to discuss your dog having a titre test don’t hesitate to contact us on 07496819851 or via our contact form.

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