Quality of Life assessment for your pet South Yorkshire & West Yorkshire

Our pets are our best friends and greatest companions. They give us joy and happiness on our best and worst days. Unfortunately, there comes a time when the good times for them come to an end and making a decision to close this chapter in our lives is extremely hard.

With a visit and guidance from Rebecca at Calmpawz we can work out a plan together and a quality of life assessment will help making  the decisions easier to accept and understand so there is peace at the end and not trauma.

Calmpawz travels to your home, covering the South and West Yorkshire region. Assessments can be easier in the home as your pet is more relaxed in their home environment.

It will start with history taking and a general assessment, considering breed, age, lifestyle and health. A quality of life assessment will take into account, physical as well as mental well being.

All pets are different and what is quality of life for one family may be different to another family.

I use a chart which we can use as a guidance tool to allow monitoring over the coming weeks/months. This helps us understand how and when behaviours changed and monitor the differences.

Questions to ask :

  • Remember how your pet looked before the illness, use photographs to help your memory
  • Mark good and bad days on the calendar
  • Write a list of three things that you know makes your pet happy
  • What’s important when considering end of life treatment
  • Consider the conditions that are important to you that doesn’t occur : pain, incontinence, not eating, not walking,




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