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Pet Euthanasia at Home in Sheffield

Everybody wants the best for their beloved pet when it comes to their end of their life, my compassionate home Euthanasia and End of Life Care service ensures a painless and peaceful goodbye.

Speaking as both a mobile vet in Sheffield and a pet owner, I understand how upsetting and confusing this time can be. I’m here to guide you through this difficult time in your pet’s life and help you with your decision making. My name is Rebecca and I qualified as a vet in 1995, having worked in many different vets’ surgeries throughout my long career I realised that there is a better way than the traditional end of life pet visit at a vet.

Many pets are distressed by the traditional vet visit, so I wanted to find a way to make it easier for them – and for you, their family during this difficult time. CalmPawz gives you the opportunity to say goodbye with absolute privacy without having to visit a vet’s surgery.

You can be confident about my ability to carry out this service as I have also completed the Euthanasia Master Program which demonstrates my commitment to euthanasia best practices. Take a look at some of my reviews if you would like to see what my recent clients have said about their experience.

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Book an End-of-life Care Consultation for your pet

An end-of-life care consultation is important as it will help with your decision-making process and determine best course of action – with both your pet and your best interests in mind. You may choose to say goodbye during this consultation, book a further visit to give you more time or try a treatment option. Either way, you will be supported and most importantly, not pushed into anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

A typical consultation will look like:

  • A review of your pet’s current condition, symptoms, medication and care plan
  • A gentle physical examination will take place
  • Your pet’s quality of life will be taken into consideration
  • I will give you my expert opinion on ‘the right time’ for your pet
  • Discuss how to keep your pet as pain free as possible
  • Let you know what to do should an emergency situation with your pet occur

It’s far better act early if you are concerned about your pets health or quality of life – book your consultation now.

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Calm Pawz mobile vet in Sheffield who carries out pet home euthanasia

How does Home Euthanasia work?

Euthanasia, or otherwise known as putting your dog to sleep, is sometimes the only compassionate way to ease a pet’s pain and suffering. Understandably, it’s a time that no pet owner wants to think about but many do take comfort in knowing that home euthanasia is painless, stress free and far more easing in the familiarity of your own home.

A typical home euthanasia will include:

  • I will arrive at your home at the arranged time and greet your pet and you r family
  • I will discuss the euthanasia process in full and assess if your pet requires a consultation beforehand (if one has not been done by me recently). If your pet is in crisis or an emergency situation, their welfare will take priority
  • I will obtain your consent for the euthanasia of your pet
  • Your pet will be sedated
  • I will euthanise your pet in your chosen special place when you and your family are ready
  • I can assist with after-care arrangements or guide you on handling this yourselves

I don’t have set working hours – we’ll arrange an appointment to suit you.

How much does pet Home Euthanasia cost?

The cost for a home euthanasia in Sheffield is £265 and it usually takes an hour.

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What pets do we euthanise at home in Sheffield?

Dog Euthanasia at home

I care for many dogs in Sheffield throughout their lives. Sadly, a natural part of this care is also their end-of-life. I take great pride in knowing that I’m giving dogs a compassionate goodbye, surrounded by their loved ones and favourite toys in the space they feel most comfortable in. If you are considering home euthanasia for your dog in Sheffield please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Cat Euthanasia at home

Home euthanasia for cats is particularly popular due to how distressed cats get going to the vets. From transporting them in a carrier, the anxiety of the waiting room and the distress of an examination, this can all be avoided and made much simpler with my services. If you are considering home euthanasia for your cat in Sheffield please don’t hesitate to get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

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What happens after home euthanasia?

After home euthanasia you will have to decide what to do with the remains of your cat or dog. I can organise cremation for you, should you have any special wishes for your pet, I will be glad to hear them and try to help where possible. Alternatively, you are welcome to organise cremation yourself or carry out a home burial should you have permission.

Pet Home Euthanasia FAQs

I’ve answered some of the common questions below that I get asked about pet euthanasia at home.

Contact Calm Pawz

If you suspect that your pet may be close to their end of life and would like to chat about what to do next don’t hesitate to contact me. As a mobile vet covering the Sheffield area I’m well equipped to guide you through this stage of your pets life with compassion and care. Don’t hesitate to give me call if it’s an emergency or fill out the contact form about your dog or cat and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mobile Vet in Sheffield

I treat many pets in Sheffield with my mobile vet service, providing essential care to pets in a familiar and private setting. I can help your dog, cat or other animal during its life with routine vaccinations, pet travel paperwork , post-surgical care and senior checks. I specialise in home euthanasia and end of life care offering a personal and supportive service to pet owners during a very difficult time.

As a qualified mobile vet with a Euthanasia Master Program, I have a wealth of experience with pets in Sheffield, and I’m constantly updating my knowledge, meaning your pet is in very safe hands.

Coping with the loss of pets

You may find these resources helpful when planning for the loss of your pets or in the time after.

Pet Bereavement Support Service offers local help and a sympathetic ear for recently bereaved pet owners. You can telephone them on 0800 0966606

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement offer excellent support: www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-bereavement-and-pet-loss

UK-based charity, Animal Samaritans offers help and advice for anyone dealing with the grief of losing a beloved pet. visit animalsamaritans.org.uk or call 0203 745 9859.


April 9, 2024

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