Why choose CalmPawz for your beloved pet?

A CalmPawz mobile vet is the perfect choice for your pet in Doncaster.

Less Stress, Better Results

Whether your cat hates the carrier or your dog has ‘white coat syndrome’, home visits create less stress for our favourite companions, allowing them to feel safe and confident during their examination. And as a vet, being able to see patients in their home environment is very helpful! Once we remove the fear of the vets, I can better assess their blood pressure, limp, or heart murmur. Even taking blood is easier, as pets are calmer and more inclined to sit nicely with minimal restraint.

The Best Clinical Care

As a vet with 20 years of experience, you can rest assured your pet is in the very best hands. Of course, I can’t do everything during a home visit, much as I would like to. Surgery, x-rays, and hospitalisation all still need a visit to a regular practice. I’ll be working closely with your regular vet so that they have the information they need should your pet need to visit them.

A Lifelong Service

My service spans your pet’s life, from those early puppy vaccinations right through to when it’s time to say goodbye. Whether you need paperwork for upcoming travel or regular medications as part of a palliative care plan, I’m able to help. And, when those last difficult days eventually come, I hope I can make your decision-making a little easier by helping you say goodbye to your beloved pet with dignity and compassion.

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